New Hampshire Aquarium Society

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GOFISH - THE O'FISH-AL Sales Software for Fish Club Auctions

a is available here
click on the demo button to go exploring- go through the motion of how to use gofish for your auction.
This will let you see how it would work for you
-- Keep in mind this demo is open to everyone and the information you put in the demo in not private --
don't be afraid to use all the features -you can't hurt it

Click to download the auction software (as zip file)

The Major Features

  • Entire auction is run on the Master Computer (must be a pc or linux )
  • Add a ROUTER and form a secure local network so any number of authoried users with 'smart devices'(cell phone, ipad, computer)can aid in registration, entering bid sales, or doing customer check-out)
  • Questions or Help contact


Has 2 main sections: MASTER OPTIONS and ACTIVE SALES

  • Bidding Slips: (can print slips for the runners to record the bidding price)
  • Bookkeeping: (after the auction is over, save the data in excel files for permanent record)
  • Initial Setup
    • can clear the database to start a new auction
    • set the number of tables that will be used (so can assign a table number to each item)
    • can set up 'percentage to seller' or 'flat rate per item'
    • can have 2 different 'percentage to seller' rates and choose which one when registering a seller
    • can customize the heading for the receipt
  • Registration
    • get participants contact information
    • assign participant a 'bidder number'
    • list all items they wish to sell
    • print labels for the items(label will have the item number, description, table assignment, and applicable minimum bid
  • Bids (Record the item number, buyer's number and Sale price )
  • Check-out
    • type in the participant's number
    • it will show all items bought and or sold by them
    • it will show payment owed to them or from them
    • after payment is made, print out a receipt