The purpose of the Breeders Award Program (BAP) is to recognize outstanding achievements in the breeding of aquarium fish and invertebrates. It is also the purpose of the BAP to encourage distribution of aquarium fish and invertebrates, sharing of breeding techniques, and participation by society members.


POINTS: There are four point classes of fish and invertebrates:


Class A--worth five (5) points

Class B--worth ten (10) points

Class C--worth fifteen (15) points

Class D--worth twenty (20) points


The vast majority of fish are worth ten points and belong to class B. Therefore, in order to keep the list manageable, only fish belonging to classes A, C and D are listed.  Only fish and invertebrates in Class B which have been awarded points to a breeder have been listed.



BREEDER:          25 POINTS--can be earned by breeding fish from any class or classes.


SENIOR BREEDER:   50 POINTS--can be earned by breeding fish from at least two classes.


ADVANCED BREEDER: 100 POINTS--can be earned by breeding fish from at least three classes.


EXPERT BREEDER:   300 POINTS--can be earned by breeding fish from all four classes and must include at least two second generation spawnings from any class or classes.


SUPERIOR BREEDER: 700 POINTS--can only be earned by breeding at least three species of fish each from classes A, B, and C, and at least two species of fish from class D, and must include at least four second generation spawnings from any class or classes.



Classes A, B, and C: The aquarist must spawn and raise fry to at least sixty (60) days of age. Points can only be earned by auctioning a trio or sexable pair of the fry at a monthly meeting. The proceeds of which will be split 50/50 between the breeder and the New Hampshire Aquarium Society.


Class D: The aquarist must spawn and raise fry to at least sixty (60) days of age. Points can only be earned by auctioning a trio or sexable pair of the fry at a monthly meeting. The proceeds of which will be split 75/25 between the breeder and the New Hampshire Aquarium Society. In addition, the aquarist must write an article for "THE GRANITE FISHER" detailing the spawning procedure and submit it to the Editor before points can be awarded.





1. Sixty (60) days old means after hatching for egg layers.

2. The aquarist must own the fish he is breeding.

3. Points are awarded only once for each species or recognized subspecies with the exception of second generation spawnings. Second generation spawnings will be awarded five (5) more points than the normal class points.

4. Certificates will be awarded at the completion of the breeding requirements.

5. Aquarists are encouraged to submit any fish they feel should be reclassified to the BAP committee for consideration. The BAP Committee will then submit these reclassifications to the Board of Directors for approval.

6. It is the responsibility of the aquarist to see that the breeder award points are recorded by giving all the necessary information to the chairman of the BAP.

7. The Board of Directors will make final judgment on all interpretations of the above rules, requests for variances of above rules, and reclassifica-tion of fishes. The Board of Directors will also appoint the BAP Committee.

8. The BAP Committee reserves the right to verify spawnings. Classification of species is subject to change. Validity of scientific name is not guaranteed as there is ongoing work in the scientific arena classifying and reclassifying many families. Common names form a work in progress.



Killiefish Exception:  Killiefish breeders are encouraged to maintain the collection site name associated with their stock and BAP points will be awarded for different collection sites.  Fish submitted without a collection site name can be entered one-time plus second generation as “aquarium strain”.


Native Species:  Determination of fresh water vs. marine species for native species not commonly found or discussed in the aquarium trade will be made on the basis of Peterson’s Field Guides.














Scientific Name                       Common Name





Phallichthys amates amates                Merry Widow

Poecilia cuacana                          South American Molly

Cuaca Molly

Poecilia elegans                          Haiti Molly

Poecilia formosa                          Amazon Molly

Poecilia latipinna                        Sailfin Molly          

Black Molly

Black Moonfish Molly

Orange Sailfin Molly

Rose Sailfin Molly

Poecilia latipunctata                     Porthole Molly

Poecilia mexicana mexicana                Mexican Molly

Shortfin Molly   

Poecilia petenensis                       Sailfin Molly          

Spiketail Molly

      Peten Molly

Poecilia reticulata (all varieties)       Guppy      

Millions fish

Poecilia sphenops                         Marble Molly           

Shortfin Molly

Pointed Mouth Molly

Poecilia velifera                         Sailfin Molly          

Giant Sailfin Molly                 Mexican Sailfin Molly               Green Sailfin Molly

Poecilia wingei                           Endler's Livebearer

Xiphophorus alvarezi                      Alvarez's Swordtail

      Blue Swordtail

Xiphophorus andersi                       Ander's Sword-Platy

      Atoyac Platy

Xiphophorus clemenciae                    Yellow Swordtail

Guilded Swordtail

Xiphophorus cortezi                       Cortez Swordtail

Xiphophorus couchianus                    Northern Platy

Monterrey Platy

Xiphophorus evelynae                      Puebla Platy     

Xiphophorus gordoni                       Gordon's Platy

Xiphophorus helleri (all varieties)       Swordtail (Green,Spotted, etc.)

Xiphophorus kosszanderi

Xiphophorus maculatus (all varieties)     Platy      


Xiphophorus milleri                       Catamaco Livebearer

Catamaco Platy

Xiphophorus montezumae                    Mexican Swordtail      

Montezuma Helleri

Xiphophorus nezahualcoyoti

Xiphophorus nigrensis                     Black Swordtail

Xiphophorus pygmaeus                      Pygmy Swordtail        

Dwarf Swordtail        

Dwarf Helleri

Xiphophorus roseni                        Yellow Hybrid Platy

Xiphophorus signum                        Comma Swordtail

Xiphophorus variatus (all varieties)      Platy      

Variegated Platy                    Variatus                            Variatus Platy

Xiphophorus xiphidium                     Swordtail Platy




Helisoma nigricans                        Ramshorn Snail

Melanoides tuberculata                    Malaysian Livebearing Snail

Trumpet Snail






Alfaro cultratus                          Knife Livebearer 

Aequidens pulcher                         Blue Acara

Altotilapia nubila

Ameca splendens                           Butterfly Goodeid

Ancistrus temminckii                      Bushy Nose Pleco

Aphyocypris lini                          Gold White Cloud

      (formerly Hemigrammocypris lini)

Aphyosemion australe                      Cape Lopez Lyretail

Aphyosemion calliurum

Aphyosemion ogoense ogoense

Aphyosemion splendopleure

Aphyosemion spoorenbergi     

Aphyosemion striatum   

Ataeniobius toweri                        Blue-Tailed Goodeid

Aulonocara lwanda                         Peacock

Aulonocara baenschi                       Sunshine Peacock

Aulonocara jacobfreibergi                 Peacock

Aulonocara sp. II 'Green Metallic'        Green Metallic Peacock

Bedotia geayi                             Madagascar Rainbow

Betta falx                                Mouthbrooding Betta

Betta pugnax

Betta splendens                           Siamese Fighting Fish

Brachydanio albolineatus                  Pearl Danio

Brachydanio franki                        Leopard Danio

Brachydanio rerio                         Zebra Danio

Buraquina paraguayensis                   Yellow Throat

Chapalichtys paradalis

Characodon lateralis                      Rainbow Goodeid

Chromidotilapia guntheri

Cichlasoma bolievense

Cichlasoma dimeris                        Dimerus Cichlid

Cichlasoma octofasciatum                  Jack Dempsey

Cichlasoma portalegrensis                 Port Cichlid

Colisa labiosa                            Thick-Lipped Gourami

Colisa lalia                              Dwarf Gourami

Corydoras aeneus

Cyprichromis microlepidotus

Danio malabaricus                         Giant Danio

Epiplatys dageti 'Monrovia'

Fundulopanchax gardneri

Fundulopanchax mirabillis

Gambusia affinis                          Mosquitofish

Gambusia xanthasoma

Geophagus sp.                             Orange-Lipped Earth Eater

Geophagus steindarchneri

Geophagus brazilianus

Girardinus metallicus                     Metallic Topminnow

Haplochromis nyererei                     Flameback

Haplochromis sp. 'Blue Fire Fin'          Blue Fire Fin

Haplochromis sp. 'Emerald Green'          Emerald Green

Haplochromis sp. 'Fenustus'

Haplochromis sp. 'Flameback'

Hemichromis bimaculatus                   Jewel Cichlid

Hemichromis lifalili                      Jewel Cichlid

Herichtys spiluran

Hemigrammocypris lini                     Gold White Cloud

      (now Aphyocypris lini)

Heros sajica                              T-Bar Cichlid

Herotilapia multispanosa

Heterandria formosa                       Mosquitofish

Ilyodon furcidens                         Bass Goodeid

Ilyodon xantusi                           Limones splitfin Goodeid

Iodotropheus sprengerae                   Rusty Cichlid

Julidochromis marlieri                   

Julidochromis ornatus                     Yellow Julie

Julidochromis transcriptus                Black & White Julie

Labidochromis caeruleus                   Blue-White Labido Caeruleus

Labidochromis chisumulae

Labidochromis freibergi

Labidochromis Hongi

Laetacara dorsigera                       Dorsiger's Cichlid

Lamprologus brevis

Lepidiolamprologus hecqui

Limia miragoahensis

Macropodus concolor                       Black Paradise Fish

Macropodus opercularis                    Paradise Fish

Maylandia estherae                        Red Zebra

      (formerly Ps. estherae)

Melanochromis johannii

Melanotaenia boesemani                    Boeseman's Rainbow

Melanotaenia lacustris

Melanotaenia maccullochi                  Macculloch's Rainbowfish

Melanotaenia nigrans                      Dark Australian Rainbowfish

Melanotaenia praecox                      Dward Neon Rainbowfish

Melanotaenia splendida

Melanotaenia trifasciata 'Coen River'

Metriaclima aurora

Metriaclima lombardoi

Metriaclima sp. Nankoma Blue

Metriaclima socolofi

Microgeophagus altispinosa                Bolivian Ram

Microgeophagus ramerizi                   Blue Ram

Neolamprologus brichardi

Neolamprologus buescheri 'Zaire'

Neolamprologus caudopunctatus

Neolamprologus elongatus(brichardi)

Neolamprologus elongatus 'Daffodil'       Daffodil

Neolamprologus gracilis

Neolamprologus multifasciatus

Neolamprologus pulcher Daffodil           formerly N. brichardi Daffodil

Nothobranchius guentheri

Oreochromis mossambicus                   Mozambique Mouthbrooder

Oryzias latipes                           Medaka Ricefish

Otopharynx lithobates

Pachypanchax omalonotus                   Powder-Blue Panchax

Pachypanchax sakaramyi

Paracyprichromis nigripinnis              Blue Neon

Pelvicachromis pulcher                    Kribensis, Common Krib

Phallocerus caudimaculata                 Uruguayan Killiefish

Pimephales promelas                       Fathead Minnow

Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor              Dwf. Egyptian Mouthbrooder


Pseudotropeus zebra                       Nyassa Blue

Zebra Cichlid

Rivulus magdalanae

Pyrrhulina brevis

Pyrrhulina rachoviana

Rhamphochromis macrophthalmus             Silver Bullet

Sarotherdon melanotheron                  Black-Chinned Tilapia

Scolichthys greenwayi

Tanichthys albonubes                      White Cloud

Tanichthys micagemmae                     Vietnamese White Cloud

Tilapia mariae                            Tiger Tilapia

Tilapia melanotheron                      Black Chinned Mouthbrooder

Tilapia tholloni                          West African Substrate Spawner

Trichogaster trichopterus                 Gourami


All fish not otherwise listed




Ampullaria ponacea                        Apple Snail

Caridina japonica                         Amano Shrimp

Neocaridina denticulate sinensisi         Red Cherry Shrimp







Abramites sp.                             Headstanders

Acarichthys sp.

Aequidens rivulatus                       Green Terror

Alestes sp.

Alestopetersius sp.

Anatolichthys sp.

Anostomus sp.

Apareiodon sp.

Apeltes sp.

Aphanius sp.

Aphanius mentos

Aplocheilichthys sp.                      Lampeyes

Apistogramma bitaeniata                   Banded Dwf. Cichlid

Apistogramma cacatuoides                  Dwf. Cockatoo Cichlid

Apistogramma sp.

Apistogramma trifasciata                  Three-Stripe Dwf. Cichlid

Arnoldichthys sp.

Axelrodia sp.

Barbas titteya                            Cherry Barb

Barbodes callyterus

Barbodes camptacanthus                    Red Fin Barb

African Red Fin Barb

Barbodes dorsimaculatus                   Black Line Barb

Barbodes dunckeri                         Big Spot Barb

Barbodes everetti                         Clown Barb

Barbodes fasciatus                        Striped Barb

Zebra Barb

                                          Banded Barb                        

Barbodes fasciolatus                      African Banded Barb

Barbodes fasciolatus                      Green Barb

Barbodes hexazona                         Six Banded Barb

Barbodes kertsenii                        Kersten's Barb

Barbodes lateristriga                     T-Barb

                                          Spanner Barb

Barbodes schwanenfeldii                   Tin Foil Barb

Schwanenfeld's Barb

Gold Foil Barb

Belonesox sp.          

Belontia hasselti                         Java Combtail

                                          Lace Combtail                


Belontia signata                          Combtail

Combtail Paradise Fish       

Biotodoma sp.          

Cairnsichthys rhombosomoides              Cairn's Rainbowfish    

Capoeta hulstaerti                        Butterfly Barb   

Capoeta puckelli                          Two Spot Barb    

Carassius auratus (all varieties)         Goldfish   

Carnegiella sp.                           Hatchfishes

Catoprion sp.          

Chalceus sp.           

Champsochromis caeruleus                  Trout Cichlid    

Cheirodon (Paracheirodon) axelrodi        Cardinal Tetra   

Chilodus sp.                              Headstanders     

Chriopoides sp.        

Cichlasoma alfari                         Pastel Cichlid   

Cichlasoma (Thorichthys) affine          

Cichlasoma atromaculatum                  Three Spot Cichlid

                                          Rust-Belly Cichlid     

Cichlasoma (Thorichthys) aureum           Golden Cichlid   

Cichlasoma (Heros) bartoni                Barton's Cichlid 

Cichlasoma bifasciatum                    Red-spotted Cichlid    

Cichlasoma bocourti          

Cichlasoma callolepsis       

Cichlasoma citrinellum                    Red Devil

      Midas Cichlid    

Cichlasoma champoponis       

Cichlasoma (Thorichthys) ellioti          Elliot's Cichlid 

Cichlasoma erythraeum                     Red Devil  

Cichlasoma guttulatum                     Gold-cheeked Cichlid   

Cichlasoma (Thorichthys) helleri          Heller's Cichlid 

Cichlasoma heterospilus                   Black-flecked Cichlid  

Cichlasoma hyorhynchum       

Cichlasoma (Heros) labiatum               Red Devil

Cichlasoma longimanus                     Rose Breasted Cichlid

Cichlasoma macracanthus                   High-spine Cichlid     

Cichlasoma (Heros) managuense             Managuense Cichlid           

Managua Cichlid                     Managuense 

Cichlasoma melanurus         

Cichlasoma oblongum          

Cichlasoma ornatum                        Esmeraldas Cichlid     

Cichlasoma pasionis          

Cichlasoma pearsei           

Cichlasoma ramsdeni          

Cichlasoma robertsoni                     Robertson's Cichlid    

Cichlasoma rostratum         

Cichlasoma sexfasciatum      

Cichlasoma severum (Heros severus)        Banded Cichlid


Cichlasoma (Heros) sieboldi               Siebold's Cichlid

Cichlasoma splendida         

Cichlasoma synspilum                      Red-headed Cichlid     

Cichlasoma umbriferum                     Blue Speckled Cichlid  

Citharinus sp.         

Copeina sp.      

Corydoras sp. (except aeneus 10)         

Corynopoma sp.         

Crenicara filamentosa                     Checkerboard Lyretail                                                         Checkerboard Cichlid                                                          Chessboard Cichlid     

Crenicara maculata                        Slender Checkerboard   

Crenuchus sp.          

Cualac sp.       

Culaea sp.                                Sticklebacks     

Cynotilapia sp.        

Cyprinodon sp.         

Cyprinodon verigatus                      Sheeps Head Minnow

Dermogenys sp.                            Halfbeaks  

Distichodus sp.        

Eretmodus cyanostictus                    Striped Goby Cichlid                                                          Tanganyikan Clown

Exodon sp.       

Floridichthys sp.      

Garmanella sp.         

Gasteropelecus sp.                        Hatchetfishes    

Gasterosteus aculeatus                    Threespine Stickleback

Hemigrammus sp.                           Tetras     

Hemiodopsis sp.        

Hemiodus sp.     

Herichtys aureum

Heros appendiculatus                      Peruvian Severum

Hoplosternum cf. pectorale                Dwarf Hoplo Cat

Hoplosternum cf. thorocatum

Hubbsichthys sp.       

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis                  Cichlasoma nicaraguense

                                          Copora nicaraguense

                                          Nandopsis nicaraguense

                                          Theraps nicaraguense

                                          Parrot Cichlid

Iriatherina werneri                       New Guinea Rainbowfish 

Kosswigichthys sp.           

Lebiasina bimaculata

Lamprologus sp. (unless listed elsewhere)

Lepomis sp.                               Sunfishes  

Leporinus sp.          

Leptolucania sp.       

Lucania sp.      

Mesogonistius chaetodon      

Metynnis sp.           

Mimagoniates sp.       

Nannostomus sp.                           Pencilfishes     

Nanochromis sp.

Neolamprologus sp. 'Kalumbie'

Nemtobrycon sp.  

Orestias sp.           

Paracheirodon innesi                      Neon Tetra 

Paraphromenus deissneri                   Licorice Gourami 

Paraphromenus filamentosus         

Petenia sp.                               Snooks     

Petitella sp.                             Rummy-noses

Phenacogaster sp.      

Popondetta sp.         

Prochilodus sp.        

Profundulus sp.                          

Pterophyllum sp.                          Angelfishes

Pygosteus pungitius                       Ninespine Stickleback  

Rasbora heteromorpha                      Harlequin        

Harlequin Rasbora      


Red Rasbora

Rasbora somphongsi                        Somphong's Rasbora     

Rasbora trilineata                        Scissortail Rasbora    

Rasborichthys altior                      Green Rasbora    

Rhodeus sp.                               Bitterlings

Spathodus erythrodon                      Blue Spotted Goby Cichlid

Spathodus marlieri                        Plain Goby Cichlid     

Tanganicodus irsacae                      Speckled Goby Cichlid  

Telmatherina ladigesi                     Celebes Rainbowfish    

Thayeria sp.                              Penquinfishes    

Thoracocharax sp.                         Hatchetfishes    

Tichogaster pectoralis                    Snakeskin Gourami

Trichopsis pumilus                        Dwarf Croaking Gourami       

Dwarf Gourami          

Sparkling Dwarf Gourami      

Pygmy Gourami    

Trichopsis schalleri                      Three Striped Gourami  

Trichopsis vittatus                       Croaking Gourami       

True Croaking Gourami        

Talking Gourami  

Trigonectes sp.        

Triportheus sp.        







Acanthopsis sp.                           Loaches    

Acanthopthalmus sp.                       Loaches

Anableps anableps                         Four Eyes

Aphyoplatys sp.        

Aspidoras sp.          

Astonotus ocellatus (all varieties)       Oscar      

Velvet Cichlid         

Peacock Cichlid        

Marbled Cichlid  

Balantiocheilos melanopterus              Tricolor Shark   

Betta macrostoma                          Brunei Beauty          

Peacock Betta    

Botia sp.                                 Loaches    

Brachygobius sp.                          Gobies     

Brochis sp.

Cichla sp.       

Cichlasoma altifrons                      Hi-head Cichlid  

Cichlasoma autochthon        

Cichlasoma (Heros) coryphaenoides         Chocolate Cichlid

Cichlasoma dovii                          Dow's Cichlid


Cichlasoma eigenmanni        

Cichlasoma godmanni                       Godman's Cichlid 

Cichlasoma (Heros) hellebruni      

Cichlasoma intermedium                    Jordan's Cichlid 

Cichlasoma irregulare                     Irregular Cichlid

(Theraps irregularis)        

Cichlasoma lentiginosum                   Green and Gold Cichlid

(Theraps lentiginosus)       

Cichlasoma maculicauda                    Spotted Cichlid        

Black Belt Cichlid

Cichlasoma margaritiferum          

Cichlasoma microphthalmus                 Small-eyed Cichlid     

Cichlasoma tuba                           Tuba 

Cichlasoma tuyrense                       Tuyre's Cichlid  

Cobitis sp.                               Loaches    

Congopanchax sp.       

Crenicara punctulata                      Red-finned Checkerboard

Crenicichla sp.                           Pike Cichlids    

Crossocheilus oblongus                    Short-nosed Flying Fox 

Ctenopoma sp.          

Cyprinus carpio (all varieties)           Koi

Eigenmannia sp.                           Knifefish  

Epalzeorhynchus kalopterus                Flying Fox       

Trunk Barb 

Epalzeorhynchus siamensis                 Siamese Flying Fox     

Etroplus maculatus (all varieties)        Orange Chromide  

Etroplus suratensis                       Green Chromide         

Banded Chromide  

Fundulus heteroclitus                     Mummichug

Garra sp.        

Geophagus acuticeps                       Cutie

Sparkling Geophagus    

Geophagus (Gymnogeophagus)balzanii        Paraguay Mouthbrooder  

Geophagus daemon                          Three-Spotted Earth Eater

Geophagus jurupari                        Demonfish        

Earth Eater      


Geophagus megasoma           

Geophagus surinamensis                    Surinam Geophagus

Gobius sp. 

Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys                 Square-head Geophagus  

Gyrinocheilius aymonieri                  Chinese Algae Eater          

Sucking Loach          

Indian Algae Eater     

Helostoma sp.          

Homaloptera sp.                           Hillstream Loaches     

Hypseleotris sp.                          Gudgeons   

Labeo sp.                                 Sharks     

Lamprichthys sp.       

Lepidocephalus sp.           

Luciosoma sp.                             Apollo Sharks    

Marine sp. (all)       

Misgurnus sp.                             Weatherfishs     

Morulius chrysophekadion                  Black Shark

Noemacheilus sp.       

Osphronemus goramy                        True Gourami           


Common Gourami   

Osteochilus hasselti                      Hard Lipped Barb 

Osteochilus vittatus                      Bony Lipped Barb 

Pantodon bucholzi                         Butterfly Fish   

Pantanodon sp.         

Paracrossocheilus vittatus                Dusky Flying Fox 

Petrochromis sp.       

Phenacogrammus interruptus                Congo Tetra

Polypterus sp.                            all Polypterus

Rasbora agilis                            Blackstripe Rasbora    

Rasbora aprotaenia           

Rasbora argyrotaenia                      Silver Rasbora   

Rasbora baliensis      

Rasbora bankanensis                       Banka Rasbora    

Rasbora beauforti      

Rasbora caudomaculata                     Giant Rasbora          

Greater Rasbora  

Rasbora caverii        

Rasbora cephalotaenia                     Porthole Rasbora 

Rasbora chrysotaenia                      Gold Striped Rasbora   

Rasbora dusonensis           

Rasbora elanga (elegans?)          

Rasbora gerlachi       

Rasbora hengeli        

Rasbora hubbsi         

Rasbora jacobsoni      

Rasbora kalochroma                        Big Spot Rasbora       

Clown Rasbora    

Rasbora kobonensis           

Rasbora labiosa        

Rasbora lateristriata                     Side Striped Rasbora   

Rasbora layanga        

Rasbora leptosoma                         Copper Striped Rasbora 

Red Striped Rasbora    

Rasbora meinkeni                          Meinken's Rasbora

Rasbora myersi                            Silver Rasbora   

Rasbora palustris      

Rasbora paucisquamis                      Large Scaled Rasbora   

Rasbora philippina                        Phillipine Rasbora     

Rasbora rasbora                           Ganges Rasbora   

Rasbora reticulata                        Net Rasbora

Rasbora retrodorsalis        

Rasbora rutteni        

Rasbora sarawakensis                      Sarawak Rasbora  

Rasbora steineri                          Chinese Rasbora  

Rasbora sumatrana                         Sumatran Rasbora 

Rasbora tawarensis           

Rasbora trifasciata          

Rasbora tornieri       

Rasbora tubbi          

Rasbora vegae                             Vega Rasbora     

Rasbora volzi          

Sphaerichthys osphromenoides              Chocolate Gourami

Symphysodon sp.                           Discus     

Synodontis sp.         

Tateurndina ocellicauda                   Peacock Gudgeon

Trichogaster microlepis                   Moonlight Gourami

Tropheus sp.           

Uaru sp.                                  Uarus