Axelrod, Dr. Hebert R., Tropical Fish

Baensch & Riehl, Aquarium Atlas 3 Volumes

Lewis, Dr. Peter, Common Names of Tropical Fish


Types of Fish

1. Catfish

Ferraris, Dr. Carl, Catfish in the Aquarium

Loiselle, Dr. Paul & Pool, Dr. D., Hobbyist Guide to Catfishes & Loaches

Sands, David, African and Asian Catfishes

Sands, David, South American Catfishes

2. Cichlids

Axelrod & Burgess, African Cichlids of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika

Degen, Bernd, The Discus King of the Aquarium

Goldstein, Dr. Robert, A Complete Introduction to Cichlids

Loiselle, Dr. Paul, A Fishkeeper's Guide to African Cichlids

Loiselle, Dr. Paul, The Cichlid Aquarium

Sands, David, A Fishkeeper's Guide to Central American Cichlids

Sanford, Gina & Crow, Richard, The Manual of Tank Busters

Vierke, Jorg, Dwarf Cichlids

Wattley, Jack, Discus For the Perfectionist

3. Salt

Allen, Dr. Gerald R., Damselfishes of the World

Baensch, Hans A., Marine Aquarist’s Manual

Mills, Dick, A Fishkeeper's Guide to Marine Fishes

Thiel, Albert, Small Reef Aquarium Basics

Tullock, John, The Reef Tank Owners Manual


Axelrod, Dr. Hebert R., Guppies in Color

Jubb, Dr. R.A., Nothobranchius

Markis, Alan C. & Langton Roger W., Beginner’s Guide to Killifish

Maurus, Walt, A Complete Introduction to Bettas

Myers, Dr. George, The Piranha Book

Ostrow, Marshall E., Breeding Killifish

Wassermann, Lou, Show Guppies


Tanks and Breeding

Andrews, Dr. Chris, A Fishkeeper's Guide to Fish Breeding

Boyd, Kevin, The Complete Aquarium Problem Solver

Carrington, Neville, The Healthy Aquarium

Mills, Dick, The Tropical Aquarium

Zupanc, Gunther, Fish and Their Behavior



Tetra Video for a Successful Aquarium

Reef Aquariums, Live Rock & Algae

In Admiration of God’s Creations ( African Cichlids)

The Seacoast Naturalist (Fishes)

Nightime on the Reef, Seasons in the Sea, Predators of the Amazon

National Geographic (Heart of Africa, Jewels of Lake Tanganyika)

Livebearers (2 Volumes)

NHAS Club Video – Go to Your Room – 3 Volumes


If any of these books interest you, call or email our librarian He will make sure that the book or video is brought to the next general meeting.