New Hampshire Aquarium Society

( NHAS )

Use this form to register for the Annual NHAS Auction. Auction Pre-Registration Form
Pre-Register online the week before the auction by filling out the Registration Form to register as a buyer and/or seller.

our last Auction was Saturday March 24, 2018
129 Miller Ave
Portsmouth, NH 03801

*** NOTICE ***
Does your Aquarium Club need Auction Software? We are making our auction software available free to other clubs.
If interested: click here to visit our auction software page

NEW to the AUCTION ?

About the Auction

  • This auction is an opportunity for anybody to get deals on fish, plants and supplies for your aquarium.
  • Anyone can participate as a buyer, a seller or both.
  • Do you have excess fish? Bring them in plastic fish bags and sell them in this auction.
  • Do you have excess aquarium plants or equipment, you can bring this in too.
  • Members of the club will be entering fish they have raised, aquarium plants and extra equipment they have.
  • The club itself will be entering fish, tanks and supplies.

Thinking of Attending?

  • Pre-Register online the week before the auction by filling out the Registration Form to register as a buyer and/or seller.
    If selling, include the items you plan to bring on the Registration Form.
  • TO PRE-REGISTER, Click here to download the Registration pdf.
    Edit (fill-in and save) the pdf on your computer then
    email as an attachment to :
  • When you Pre-Register, you will be entered into a $25 drawing to be drawn at the beginning of the auction.
    You must be in attendance to win.
  • The items sold in the auction are a 60/40 split where the seller gets 60% of the sale price and the club gets 40%.

On the Day of the Auction

  • the doors open at 10:30am to register the items you have brought to sell and to view other items for sale.
  • REGISTER as you arrive
  • Buyers will pick up their bidder numbers at this time.
  • If you are selling, you will need to bring a copy of the Registration Form listing the items you actually brought.
  • If selling, You must pick up your item labels during registration and place your items on the tables before the auction begins.
  • When you buy an item, the runner will bring the runner sheet to you - VERIFY the items LOT NUMBER, PRICE, YOUR BIDDER NUMBER, then SIGN the sheet
  • When you are done , CHECK OUT at the registration desk
  • AT CHECKOUT: the computer will calculate the total of what you bought and/or what you sold
    if you owe please pay by cash or check
    if you sold items and are due money, the club will pay you by check