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NHAS has many books for members to borrow - see list below.

If a member wishes to borrow a book, send a text to the librarian ( 603 866 0777)and she will bring it to the next general meeting.

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Encyclopedias /


  • Axelrod, Dr. Hebert R., Tropical Fish
  • Baensch and Riehl, Aquarium Atlas 3 Volumes
  • Hiscock,Peter,Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants
  • Lewis, Dr. Peter, Common Names of Tropical Fish

Types of Fish


  • Ferraris, Dr. Carl, Catfish in the Aquarium
  • Loiselle, Dr. Paul and Pool, Dr. D., Hobbyist Guide to Catfishes and Loaches
  • Sands, David, African and Asian Catfishes
  • Sands, David, South American Catfishes


  • Axelrod and Burgess, African Cichlids of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika
  • Degen, Bernd, The Discus King of the Aquarium
  • Goldstein, Dr. Robert, A Complete Introduction to Cichlids
  • Loiselle, Dr. Paul, A Fishkeeper's Guide to African Cichlids
  • Loiselle, Dr. Paul, The Cichlid Aquarium
  • Sands, David, A Fishkeeper's Guide to Central American Cichlids
  • Sanford, Gina and Crow, Richard, The Manual of Tank Busters
  • Vierke, Jorg, Dwarf Cichlids
  • Wattley, Jack, Discus For the Perfectionist


  • Allen, Dr. Gerald R., Damselfishes of the World
  • Baensch, Hans A., Marine Aquarist's Manual
  • Mills, Dick, A Fishkeeper's Guide to Marine Fishes
  • Thiel, Albert, Small Reef Aquarium Basics
  • Tullock, John, The Reef Tank Owners Manual


  • Axelrod, Dr. Hebert R., Guppies in Color
  • Jubb, Dr. R.A., Nothobranchius
  • Markis, Alan C. and Langton Roger W., Beginner's Guide to Killifish
  • Maurus, Walt, A Complete Introduction to Bettas
  • Myers, Dr. George, The Piranha Book
  • Ostrow, Marshall E., Breeding Killifish
  • Wassermann, Lou, Show Guppies

Tanks and Breeding

  • Andrews, Dr. Chris, A Fishkeeper's Guide to Fish Breeding
  • Boruchowitz,David E, Freshwater Aquarium Problem Solver
  • Boyd, Kevin, The Complete Aquarium Problem Solver
  • Carrington, Neville, The Healthy Aquarium
  • Maitre-Allain, Thierry, and Piednoir, Christian, Aquariums
  • Mills, Dick, The Tropical Aquarium
  • Zupanc, Gunther, Fish and Their Behavior


  • Tetra Video for a Successful Aquarium
  • Reef Aquariums, Live Rock and Algae
  • In Admiration of God's Creations ( African Cichlids)
  • The Seacoast Naturalist (Fishes)
  • Nightime on the Reef, Seasons in the Sea, Predators of the Amazon
  • National Geographic (Heart of Africa, Jewels of Lake Tanganyika)
  • Livebearers (2 Volumes)
  • NHAS Club Video "Go to Your Room" 3 Volumes